Eczema Prone Skin
Eczema (True or False)
Eczema may be an umbrella term for dry, irritated, itchy, red skin but actually, patients with eczema-prone skin experience different severity levels. Eczema can be caused by genetics or environmental factors such as climate, stress, allergens or irritants. There are many myths surrounding eczema so we'll clarify some doubts you may have today.
There is a cure for eczema.
False. Unfortunately, there is no cure for eczema, but there are treatment and skincare products to manage the symptoms and help prevent further flare-ups. Products like Cetaphil PRO AD Derma range are specially formulated for eczema-prone skin and are clinically proven to cleanse, moisturise and soothe dry and itchy skin.
Using gentle cleansers can help manage eczema.
True! Gentle cleanser and moisturizers from Cetaphil PRO AD Derma range are formulated for eczema-prone skin and helps to maintain good skin barrier function. Healthy skin barrier function is important to keep out bacteria or allergens and manage dryness, factors that may trigger eczema flares.
Stress and anxiety have nothing to do with my eczema.

False! The body under stress may produce pro-inflammatory hormones that trigger eczema flares. Itchy and sore skin can also stress you out. This may end up being an endless cycle if you don't break it.

Taking care of your emotional and psychological well-being is important for everyone, especially those with eczema prone skin.

Oral antihistamines can relieve itch.
True and false. Oral antihistamines can provide relief for a short period of time but for long term management, it is better to consider avoiding trigger factors and maintaining healthy skin hydration.